Graph Maker Graphing Software

Easy free-form graphing for students, educators, and business

Graph Maker was created to fill the need to draw Supply and Demand graphs while taking notes in an Economics class. Most word processors don't focus on creating graphs—they focus on creating text. Therefore, Graph Maker fills this need and was designed specifically for use in note-taking situations.

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  • Multiple graph types
    • One quadrant
    • Four quadrant
    • Polar
    • Blank
  • Variety of graph elements such as:
    • Lines
    • Curves
    • Points
    • Labels
    • Fill regions
    • Geometric shapes
  • Full editing support of all graph elements
  • Save Graph Maker graphs in native format for later editing
  • Export graphs to popular graphics formats
    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • BMP
    • TIFF
  • Copy graph to clipboard for pasting in your favorite word processor application
  • Full Undo/Redo support of shape drawing

Images Created in Graph Maker (click to open)